The Culinary Spice Kits contain pre-measured, individual packages of pure and natural Spices, a Pantry List for easy shopping, and simple to follow Directions to make these beautiful International recipes in your own kitchen.

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Born from a love of great Food, Travel and Spices, Pursuit of Spice seeks out the exotic & exquisite flavors that define a region and brings them to you in their Culinary Spice Kits.

Inspired from the spice markets of Marrakech and India, Lavender fields of Provence, Cacao plantations of Mexico, Crocus fields of Spain and communal feasts in Ethiopia. These dishes represent the heart of cuisine in their cultures. These dishes will get you started on an epicurean exploration to tantalize your taste buds.

Bring the joy of Spices, great Food and Travel into your kitchen with Pursuit of Spice Culinary Spice Kits.

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...the Mexican Mole was so good, I was licking the plate to get it all.

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