A Foodie’s Desire to Share

Suzanne’s love of great food, travel and spices started just outside Madrid Spain where her father Clifford ran the prestigious Torrejon Air force Base Officers Club, serving gourmet banquets for Presidents, Kings and Dignitaries from around the world. At a very young age he taught her the art of entertaining and to be adventurous with food (chocolate covered ants, escargot and wine with dinner). Besides her father there is a long line of restauranteurs on both sides of her family, Great Aunts, Grandparents, Uncles, Nephews and Great Nieces that have contributed to this passion.

In her own career she was drawn to Denver’s best restaurants including Cafe Giovanni, Al Fresco, Cliff Young's, Bibilo’s and Washington Park Grille, where she managed the business end of things and was spoiled by the best chef’s and cuisines Colorado had to offer along the way.

Traveling whenever she could always lead to the local food markets and street food where she tasted everything she could to bring the flavors home to her own kitchen. Pursuit of Spice is the culmination of her experiences with and passion for these exquisite flavors and cooking adventures. The Culinary Spice Kits bring great food, travel and spices to you through these International Meals.


A Foodie’s Desire to Share