Moroccan Tagine

Made with Lamb, Salmon or Vegetarian Serves 4-6

Difficulty: Easy

Spice Heat: Medium

Prep Time: 10min

Cook Time: 60min

In the Djemaa el Fna (market square) in Marrakech, at dusk the market stalls turn into open air cafes and aromatic dishes such as this sultry Tagine are on the menu. Sweet, Savory, Salt and Picante Spice garnished with Pistachios and Dried Fruits for a flavor that warms the soul.


The Basic Cooking Technique - the Culinary Spice Kit comes with detailed cooking instructions on the back, but here’s the basics.

An oven baked stew. Brown the meat/vegetables, sauté the onions, garlic and ginger, add the stock and return the meat/vegetables back to the pan and bake. While this cooks make your honey glaze with raisins and apricots.  Finish by pouring the glaze over the meat/vegetables and garnish with pistachio nuts.

Price: $7.00

What people are saying

...we did the foil wrapped fish on the grill, it was cooked perfectly and a really great flavor with the salmon. Awesome!

...even my kids loved the Moroccan lamb and asked for it again the next week.

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