You Tell Us About French Herbes de Provence...

...I love it, I put it everything!

...a true Provence blend with plenty of lavender.

You Tell Us About Mexican Puebla Mole...

...the Mexican Mole was so good, I was licking the plate to get it all.

...we used butternut squash to make a vegetarian dinner for my sister and her husband.  They loved it, thanks!

You Tell Us About Moroccan Tagine...

...we did the foil wrapped fish on the grill, it was cooked perfectly and a really great flavor with the salmon. Awesome!

...even my kids loved the Moroccan lamb and asked for it again the next week.

You Tell Us About Spanish Paella... worth the effort.

...Such a convenient way to try saffron. I’d never cooked with it before, but it’s so expensive to buy a big amount of it. This was perfect and it’s my new favorite flavor.  I look for it on menus all the time now.

to die for! i made this at a dinner party and everyone raved about it.

I made this for my kids and they LOVED it! 

You Tell Us About Indian Curry...

...whoa, great heat and flavor. It has all the items of my own masala dabba.

You Tell Us About Ethiopian Doro Wat...

...we couldn’t stop eating the Ethiopian dish. 3 of us ate the whole dinner for 6! addictive flavor.

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